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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Off Air - again

Yup, sorry viewers. Its time to say 

Normal services will resume sometime  next month!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kiwis Abroad

Two Kiwi helicopters have been spotted abroad in recent weeks and a big thanks to those supplying the following snaps.

Firstly we have the Eurocopter EC130B4 ZK-IDN. This airframe started its life in NZ registered 
ZK-HKV/4 in October 2006 and was re-registered ZK-IDN in August 2014. It has spent time in the Instra Aviation stable based at the operator's Springhill airfield and registered ownership transferred to Over the Top Helicopters of Queenstown in December 2014. The chopper seems to have flitted back and forth between its current registered operator and previous owner and it was noted at Melbourne's Essendon airport earlier this month sporting titles associated with Super Black motor racing team Super Black is owned by Instra founder Tony Lentino who also operates PC12 ZK-TFL, PA32R-301T ZK-VQM and an Australian registered Agusta A109.
At Essendon 19 September 2015, G Reid photo
The second item of interest is the Helicopters (NZ) Bell 412EP ZK-HDY. This heavylifter was imported to NZ in September 2004. It was noted flying from/to Archerfield 15/16 September and flew from Cairns to Cooktown 21 September. The following day it was spotted departing Kopi, PNG for points unknown. It is understood the twin is destined for a local operator in PNG.

Lifting off from the pad at Kopi, PNG. S Bunting photo

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Southern Katipo 2015

Following the successful international military exercise centred on Timaru in November 2013, the NZ Defence Force are gearing up to host exercise "Southern Katipo 2015" with the South Island West Coast town of Westport being the central point of activities. 

The NZ Airways Corporation have issued advice of a temporary control tower and associated controlled airspace for the duration of the exercise starting 02 November and concluding 28 November with expectation of flying activity from Lockheed C130, Lockheed P3 and Boeing C17 Globemaster!

As alluded to by "Anon", perhaps the Elmendorf C17 visiting Christchurch at present is associated with the upcoming exercise as Alaskan based Globemaster's participated in Southern Katipo 2013. Perhaps also the earlier visit of the two Wolfhound's to Christchurch has some association with the exercise.

Elmendorf based C17 departing Timaru November 2013, Bluebus photos

Monday, September 21, 2015

One More Last Post

One more "last post" on the subject of Boeing 737-300 ZK-NGI. The light and timing was such that a quick trip to the airport was in order to catch her departure this morning as ANZ1737 from Auckland to Christchurch. She made a sprightly departure lifting off soon after taxiway A3 and climbed like a homesick angel. 

Last Post

As this post goes to air, the last remaining Air New Zealand operated Boeing 737-300, ZK-NGI, will be on her final flight for the company as it positions from Auckland to Christchurch as ANZ1737. Having conducted 6 scenic flights on both Saturday and Sunday, the time has come for the aircraft to be exited from the fleet ending a legacy of Boeing 737 operations with the national carrier. 

Be sure to watch out for an article - presumably on TVNZ's Seven Sharp - either tonight or at least sometime this week.

Air New Zealand Boeing 737 200 35mm Film Footage - Part 5

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Air New Zealand Boeing 737 200 35mm Film Footage - Part 4

Boeing 737-300 ZK-NGJ departs

The last Boeing 737-300 manufactured, ZK-NGJ, has departed Christchurch earlier today (20 September) on its delivery flight. As "Southern Cross 1528" the 737 is heading to Singapore/Seletar with a techstop at Cairns and overnight stop at Lombok before reaching Seletar tomorrow.

ZK-NGJ was retired from Air New Zealand service last month.

Nice low key wing wave nicely caught by Graham W - many thanks!

Air New Zealand Boeing 737 200 35mm Film Footage - Part 3

Air New Zealand Boeing 737 200 35mm Film Footage - Part 2

Air New Zealand Boeing 737 200 35mm Film Footage - Part 1

Today marks the last occasion we'll get to see an Air New Zealand Boeing 737 around the environs of Auckland as ZK-NGI conducts six local flights. Departure times are slated for 0900, 1000, 1100, 1300, 1400 and 1500.

The last departure is planned for tomorrow morning with the jet positioning to Christchurch as NZ1737 leaving Auckland at 1000.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Falcon 7X OY-EJD

Air Alsie Falcon 7X OY-EJD arrived at Christchurch on the afternoon of
17 September from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (WMSA) as "Mermaid 645".

First visit to the region by the 2014 model 7X, however the registration OY-EJD has been here before whilst applied to a Falcon 2000EX c/n 63. It arrived at Kaitaia on 24 December 2007 from Athens via Singapore, Darwin and Auckland and later went onto visit Napier, Woodbourne, Christchurch and Queenstown before exiting the country 08 January 2008.
Back then, the 2000 used the callsign "Mermaid 644". 

Friday, September 18, 2015

USAF C17 00-0174 - UPDATED

Wearing the tail band of Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, United States Air Force Boeing C17 Globemaster III 00-0174 arrived at Christchurch as TREK12 late 17 September 2015 from Guam/Andersen AFB.  

I'm not 100% sure but possibly a first visit to NZ by this airframe.
 Any correction welcome.

As this post went to air earlier this evening the C17 was winging its way from Christchurch to Whenuapai and as I updated the blog it was on its way south again to Christchurch.